Process for Utilizing Arts in Education and Exploratory Enrichment

  1. School staff and/or PTO select the desired program, contact the artist, and agree on date(s) and cost of the program.
  2. School and district approve and send information to BOCES through the Book Artist tab on the Arts & Enrichment Directory.
  3. BOCES contracts with and pays the performer; the district is billed after services are rendered.

Instructions for District Users/Arts Liaisons

  1. Search for an artist, using keyword searching, advanced search options, or by clicking on our featured area.
  2. Confirm availability with the artist by using the Contact Artist button on their listing. Be sure to discuss the dates you would like the artist to visit, your location(s), and the cost of the program.
  3. Once all of the necessary arrangements have been made, use the Book Artist button on their listing to have your program payment processed through BOCES.

Instructions for Artists

  1. Complete the Get Listed form, including 2 letters of recommendation and evidence of programming, to be submitted for BOCES approval. *You must be fingerprinted before your directory listing will be published.*
  2. Once you are approved, create your artist page, using any photos, videos, social media links, etc., that you would like, along with a program description. BOCES will verify your information is complete.
  3. To edit your page, log in and select Edit Profile on your profile page. Hover over any section to bring up a green toolbar. Select the pencil icon to begin your edits. Save your changes in the popup window, then click Update in the upper right-hand corner to submit your changes for approval. Note: updates are not published online until after they are approved by BOCES.

To edit photos on your page, please keep in mind that all photos should be 300 dpi or better (high resolution). The recommended photo sizes for each area are as follows:

Banner Photo:

Ratio: 16 x 3 – The Banner Photo is the long and narrow photo at the top of your page. In many cases, it is best to choose a decorative image without words. Like a Facebook cover photo. Recommended size: 1600 x 300 pixels.

Thumbnail Photo:

Ratio: 6 x 4 – The Thumbnail is your program’s ‘iconic’ image. It will be displayed in association with the title and description of your program on the home page. This can be your program logo, an illustration or a photo of you in action. Recommended size: 600 x 400 pixels.

4 Optional Program Photos:
Ratio: 6 x 4 – These are the photos that showcase your program, seen lower on your artist profile. Recommended size: 600 x 400 pixels.