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Our classes can cater to any size group, as well as to any age range and learning ability. We love working with other instructors to meet specific curriculum objectives and create our lesson around classroom themes.


We have programs for all themes and needs, from our STEAM Museum (a portable hands-on science museum), to historical reenactors, to engaging all-day workshops for your students.


Arts, Music, Dance. Character Ed, Anti-Bullying, Leadership. Health/Fitness. Science/STEM/STEAM, Technology, Engineering, Physics. 3Rs, Reading, Writing/Poetry, Math. Arts & Drama, Theatre, Media Arts, Visual Arts. Literature. Workshops/Residencies.


Adaptation of birds to their environment.


Character education, Bullying, Respect, Manners, Reading, citizenship, and holiday themes


Music, songwriting, mindfulness, health, character, anti-bully, reading


Billy Jonas believes that creating a bright future starts with kids. Using homemade and re-cyclable “re-percussion” instruments, songs that celebrate community, as well as personal and planetary ecology, his think-outside-the-box educational performances occur at schools, colleges, universities and libraries around the country. Billy’s goal is to plant musical seeds, that will help grow creative, open-minded, engaged and open-hearted citizens of the world.

Some ask: “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” Billy Jonas asks: “What is the sound of 600 sets of keys jingling on the downbeat? And how shall we inspire the audience to do it?” For 25 years, Billy Jonas, performer, singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and educator, has perfected the art of the neo-tribal hootenanny around the globe – original songs performed with a generous dose of audience participation. Jonas and his band perform using voice, guitar, and industrial re-percussion – homemade creations of buckets and barrels, keys and cans, bells and body percussion. Each concert is a soul-spelunking, heart healing, joy-filled journey of spirited music that is accessible to anyone and everyone, regard- less of age or cultural background.

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When we give our children the chance to experience and connect with the arts, we are developing creative thinkers, imaginative problem solvers, empathetic human beings, and the artists and audiences of the future.

When we give our children the chance to experience and connect with the arts, we are developing creative thinkers, imaginative problem solvers, empathetic human beings, and the artists and audiences of the future.

New Artists

James Gillaspie – All in a Knight’s Work

Did ‘broad swords’ really weigh ten pounds? Did knights need cranes to lift them into the saddle? If a knight was knocked down, was his armor so heavy that he couldn’t get up? What was the life of a knight in shining armor really like? ‘All in a Knight’s Work’ answers these and many other questions, touching on a number of subjects, not just history. There were no cameras back when armor was being worn, so art in the form of paintings and sculpture is very important when it comes to what the soldiers of various times and countries looked like. Very often the great artists of the past used soldiers as their subjects, and often painted portraits of men wearing their armor. Indeed, it can be rightly said that European plate armor has its roots in the Renaissance, since the artists of Italy, especially, studied human anatomy so carefully, and this improved understanding of the human body directly affected armor design. They did such a good job that it will be decades before modern body armor designers catch up with them!
James Arlen Gillaspie is a professional cleaner /repairer/ restorer of late medieval and Renaissance arms and armor, who often makes accurate reproductions of plate armor of the 15th and 16th centuries. He has visited seventeen European armor collections, and has handled many world famous pieces and uncounted lesser works. He also wears the stuff, having participated in reenactments in Europe and many rough-and-tumble recreated battles, single combats, and melees in the Western Martial Arts community. For many years before he left Flagstaff, Arizona, he belonged to the Tattershall School of Defense led by William E. Wilson, who lectures internationally on historic fencing. He has attended a number of workshops of the Schola of St. George, paying particular attention to the fighting techniques once taught by Fiore dei Libari, an Italian knight who wrote Floss Duelatorum in the year 1410, and the German 15th century author Sigmund Ringeck.